Recommendation for change

In today’s edition of the Republican American, Waterbury resident Joseph P. Nolan suggested that Mayor Jarjura may be going down the wrong path by allowing existing city employees to manage investigations related to other city employees and their assumed wrongdoings. I could not agree more!

These types of issues certainly call for an impartial party to review/investigate possible issues and as suggested by Mr. Nolan, the FBI may be the perfect group to manage this activity.

I am not sure if the Mayor would agree or if he is planning on reacting to this suggestion, but I feel the city residents can help to make this different in the future.

As previously posted, I found it shocking that the two union contracts I reviewed guaranteed increases to all employees regardless of performance. In these two instances, these contracts extend through June 2011. Although I believe a union contract cannot be adjusted mid-life, I would strongly suggest that the city of Waterbury residents use this time to demand a change to all future contracts. What type of change…..?

I recommend that each and every union contract include a performance clause prohibiting any financial or benefit related increase to employees unless they have been meeting or exceeding performance expectations based on an annual review. If implemented, this measure could succeed in easing the cities pain in two ways:
1) Eliminate spend toward non performing employees; ultimately helping to prevent tax increases
2) Reduce issues of theft/wrongdoing against the city

Hopefully this type of change would also result in improving the faith of those of us that live in the city.

Anyone agree? If so, make sure to leave a comment.


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