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Recommendation for change

May 2, 2010

In today’s edition of the Republican American, Waterbury resident Joseph P. Nolan suggested that Mayor Jarjura may be going down the wrong path by allowing existing city employees to manage investigations related to other city employees and their assumed wrongdoings. I could not agree more!

These types of issues certainly call for an impartial party to review/investigate possible issues and as suggested by Mr. Nolan, the FBI may be the perfect group to manage this activity.

I am not sure if the Mayor would agree or if he is planning on reacting to this suggestion, but I feel the city residents can help to make this different in the future.

As previously posted, I found it shocking that the two union contracts I reviewed guaranteed increases to all employees regardless of performance. In these two instances, these contracts extend through June 2011. Although I believe a union contract cannot be adjusted mid-life, I would strongly suggest that the city of Waterbury residents use this time to demand a change to all future contracts. What type of change…..?

I recommend that each and every union contract include a performance clause prohibiting any financial or benefit related increase to employees unless they have been meeting or exceeding performance expectations based on an annual review. If implemented, this measure could succeed in easing the cities pain in two ways:
1) Eliminate spend toward non performing employees; ultimately helping to prevent tax increases
2) Reduce issues of theft/wrongdoing against the city

Hopefully this type of change would also result in improving the faith of those of us that live in the city.

Anyone agree? If so, make sure to leave a comment.


Forbes Magazine ranks Waterbury as the 11th worst city in the country for job growth

May 1, 2010

 Waterbury was recently named #388 out of #397 cities in America for job opportunities.  This will come as no surprise to the residents of Waterbury.  At times it feels “bad enough” to just live here, but to work here as well could be down right depressing.  By the looks of the vacancies at the Brass Mill Center even retailers are reluctant to sign a lease in the city.  Why should they?  As more and more residents have less and less disposable income to spend there and city officials continue to be out of touch with the residents.  Or perhaps they just don’t care about the residents.  But that would be cynical.

 Your going to have to scroll all the way down to #196 before you can find a CT town.  New Haven leads the pack.  No surprise there as New Haven has done a lot to clean up the city, attract new business and families alike, and build a base for the local artist community.  Bridgeport, Stamford, and Norwalk came in at #225, while Danbury was #355. 

As the BOA continue to review line items and request furlough days this ranking could not come at a worst time.  Several posts on the Waterbury Republican website include the phrases;  “I’m moving out” or “move if you don’t want your taxes raised”.  The only move the BOA needs to be focused on is moving away from mill rate hikes and towards a city citizens can be proud of.

If you believe moving out is your only option well pack a warm coat for Anchorage, AK as they ranked 18th on the list.  Or be ready to pack on the pounds if you head for Texas. Their towns took 5 of the top 25 stops on the list.  Considering 75% of Texans will be considered obese within the next 30 years you may want to buy some bigger belts.  North Carolina fared well as usual.  I personally wouldn’t miss the sand that accumulates on my sidewalks after the city workers plow the streets in the winter.  And Bismark, ND ranked #2 on the list.  Having been to North Dakota I think I’ll pass. 

Here’s a crazy idea.  Instead of moving let’s get together and use our energy to come up with solutions to clean up the city and attract small businesses here.  Let’s face it, the next Sikorsky isn’t going to set up at the Pin Shop.  We need small business owners to look at the city seriously.  We have a great location off I84.  Rents are low since no one wants to come here.  Lets look to New Haven as a great example of what could be.  At the very least we can keep supporting our local deli owners and mom and pop pharmacies.   And to all the workers at St. Mary’s and Waterbury Hospital I thank you.  Though you may not live here you share our pain every time you drive to work.  If we lose the hospitals the BOA should use the budget to buy a really big excavating machine.  That way they can dig a big hole and bury the city.  Well, if I’m being cynical, isn’t that what they are doing already?

If you would like to see the complete list, it is located at: