rebuttal to city refuse workers editorial

Cheryl Calsetta wrote on Apr 23, 2010 6:50 AM:

” In response to Richard’s Franco’s comment…
AGREED! THE CITY REFUSE WORKERS THAT MANGE MY ROUTE ARE AMAZING! Although I am not convinced you understood my question as my concern is NOT with their performance.

My question derives from a financial perspective focused on my understanding that they receive a full 8 hours of pay, when their route may only take them 5-6 hours to complete.

As such, I was looking to obtain answers to a couple of things:
1) Is this a true practice/policy?
2) If it is accurate, why? I work within the private sector and I can honestly tell you a private organization will not pay you for work that is not performed. Would you contract someone to work at your house for 40 hours, receive 20 hours of work but still pay for 40?
3) Also, if accurate, I believe there are other options for the City and the refuse workers. For example, are there alternate tasks they can do for the City to make their pay equal to the work they are doing? This would not only balance out pay vs. work performed, but it would give them the opportunity to pick up additional skills allowing them to possibly transfer into other roles within the City.

In closing, regardless of whether or not I agree with the answers I hope to receive from asking these questions but they are questions that need to be asked. “


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