Who will bite the bullet? A response….

waterburywatchdogs wrote on Apr 21, 2010 5:49 PM:

” A 12% raise is an obscene amount in a year where the majority of the private sector has received a pink slip. For those lucky few who got raises they are most likely taking home 1%-2% and this will be what the future of raises looks like. No one is saying deserving individuals should not be granted pay increases. But not on the backs of tax payers in the worst economic downturn in recent history. Tax payers don’t have the money to fund 12% raises. That’s egregious. The alderman are under pressure to stop this tax increase and we hope this is the first of some hard-line cuts they are going to have to make. In regards to lay offs; as the “little guy” is let go who is going to pick up the slack. It would be wise for the workers at the top of the food chain to take cuts and keep the workload equal. The person who pockets more money while idly standing by as co-workers lose their jobs better be prepared to pick up the slack. It’s time for the aldermen to take the gloves off and stop this bleeder! “


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